Copyright (C) 2001-2005 by Fabio Succo

M.A.M.E. F.E. is a Front End for the great emulator
M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

I have Worked a lot of time to create a front end fast, with full images support
and easy to use. The new thing of this frontend is that you can
visually choose the game
you want to play ! Because you can see a lot of images of every kind
at the same time, like a thumbnails program.

It's compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me
Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

This software is free and cannot be sold.

This FrontEnd is compatible with MAME Win32, MAME32 version 0.70 or above


- Multi Language Support: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalonian,Portuguese, Polish, Greek,Danish,Swedish, Brasilian
- Support for Splitted and Not Splitted ROMs (zipped roms only)
- Multiple Image viewer.
- Ability to build a Favorites ROMs List.
- Work with MAME Win32, MAME32 version from 0.70.
- Support for zipped and unzipped icons.
- Support zipped and unzipped preview images (snaps, marquees, flyers, cabinets,titles).
- Ability to view more game-images at a time.
- Support various .PNG graphic formats.
- Complete information for all games (drivers complete info are not included).
- Samples support.
- Viewing support for "history.dat" and "mameinfo.dat" files.
- "Catver.ini" support.
- Find roms by description or by zipped Roms Name.
- Download the selected roms on the list by connection to
- Full setting of the MAME options.
- Easy access with Pop-up menus.
- Ability to refresh the ROMs database without having to rebuild it.
- Automatic detecting of new MAME version.
- Automatic detecting of new ROMs Installed.
- Support for long folder names.
- Multi-Configurations support.
- Background, Colors, Fonts selectable.
- Full ROMs Check and report creating.
- Full Resize of the window.
-Play Random Game.
- Joystinck Enabled Interface.
- Full HotRod Support.
- Full XArcade Support.



Virtual Cabinet View ( composed of Marquees, snapshot, control panels and flyers ) with many snapshot !


Filter on the left with details, info and every images of the selected game... What else you need ??


Choose your language !

Flyer View with Full Categories, Version, Manifacturer, Year search, Games search by name or description

Full Hot Rod Support !!!


Details view with custom background !


BIG snaphost with details !


Custom number of images visible : 6 marquees here !


MANY icons at a time , up to 400 !


28 Flyer Images !


If you have comments, suggestions or bugs to report,
please contact me by e-mail.

Do you want some feature that M.A.M.E. F.E. doesn't have? E-Mail me and
I try to implements !

Enjoy this frontend and please, distribute it freely!


Thanks to my Translation Team :

German ==> Andreas Kohlbach <>
Spanish and Catalonian ==> David de Andres Martinez
French and Portuguese ==> Victor Manuel Da Costa Martins
Greek ==> Paul Nomikos
Polish ==> Arek