M.A.M.E. F.E.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Why I can't see the Filters 'descriptions ? It seems to be transparent .....
A: Change the Foreground color in the GameList Font in File/Options /FE

Q: Why MAMEFE give me the Error "Error Loading Mame Gamelist" ?
A: Perhaps you don't have a valid MAME version.

Q:Why I get the Error "ActiveX cannot create object" ?

A:You have download the LT version without register the 2 new DLL. "vbalicom6.dll ssubtmr6.dll"
In win NT/2000 you have to write in a dos prompt the command "regsvr32 vbalicom6.dll" and "regsvr32 ssubtmr6.dll"
If you don't know how to do this, download the full cab file.

Q: Which Version Of MAME are supported ?
A: MAME ( win32 version ) 0.60 or above (www.mame.net). MAME32 (www.classicgaming.com) is supported. Every unofficial version aren't supported.

Q: Why the roms check features don't correct some problem like unneeded file ?
A: To perform these operation use specific tools like ClrMamePro.

Q: Which is the difference between NotSplitted ROMs and Splitted ROMs ?
A: In Splitted ROMs you have a folder/zipfile for the parent and one for each clone. The ROMs in the clonefolders only belong to the clone but not to the parentset. In NotSplitted ROMs you have only one folder for the parent and the clone roms.

Q: Is there a way that I can select multiple games and add them to the favorites folder?
A: To select multiple game you have to press CTRL key and then select every game you want, or LEFT-SHIFT to select a range of games. Then right-click and select "Add To Favorites".

Q: Which Game are called "Working" ?
A: I call "Working Games" the games that all the requested rom are present and valid (after a rom check). These are the games that you can run successfully.

Q: Which Games are called "Not Working" ?
A: I call "Not Working Games" the games that not all requested roms are presents and valid (after a rom check)( ex: neogeo.zip missing and kof99.zip present and OK then neogeo.zip is an "Missing or Invalid ROMs" and Kof99 is a "Not Working Games"). These games give a MAME error when you run them.

Q: Which Games are listed in the Rom Check Report?
A: Games with "Missing or Invalid ROMs".

Q: Which Games has "Missing or Invalid Roms" ?
A: These are the missing games or with error in them (after a rom check). You have to download these files to bring them to work. ( ex: kof99.zip missing and kof99p.zip present and OK then kof99.zip is a "Missing or Invalid ROMs" and Kof99p.zip is a "Not Working Games"). These games give a MAME error when you run them.

Q: Can I use more then one path for ROMs?
A: Yes, separate the different path with ';'

Q: How the Configurations Manager Works ?
A: To create a new configuration ( set of parameter to run MAME with) goto 'File/configuration manager' and click the add-button. To assign this configuration to a set games, select the games in the list view, right-click and select 'configuration...' select the configuration and press ok.